Sea Oleena – Shallow


(Released on Lefse Records on September 30, 2014)

Sea Oleena (a.k.a. Charlotte Loseth) is heartbreaking. I think that’s the point, maybe, but beside that, Shallow is breathtakingly beautiful. Downtrodden and mostly drowned in layers upon layers of sorrow, Sea Oleena manages to capture a specific tone and extrapolate it all over seven lengthy tracks. Opener “If I’m” is gorgeous, with shimmering guitar leads and rumbling synths that match too well, and her voice is just another wonderful instrument she utilizes with great execution. One of the best qualities of Shallow is its one-dimensional tone that writhes and fills every track’s corners with a little overflow. This dimension rarely bores or even winces. Many of the songs contain the same elements, but that’s the unfurling beauty of Shallow, its intensity. It manages to whip you into its hold and never lets go. Emotional, remarkable, and absolutely wonderful, Sea Oleena’s Shallow is a masterpiece of character, showcasing this static protagonist in dread, loneliness, and loss. You might cry while listening to this, and for once, it’s because it’s beautiful and sad. 9/10.

tracks to listen and love:


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