Fennec – Let Your Heart Break / Beloved EP


What you’ve got to ask yourself is “Why aren’t you listening to Fennec?”

Fennec is from the Western Sahara. There’s a mystery to the creation and the inspiration and what not, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the music, and Fennec brings it and then some. Blending samples and multiple layers of all kinds of sounds, Fennec brings a wonderfully immersive sound throughout their two works, pushing a repetitious nature out of the spotlight and leaving the sounds and movements wash over you like a revelation. It’s hard to find releases that could even stand in the same world as Fennec’s brilliantly tempo-oriented jams and excursions.

But it’s not foreign. It sounds familiar, like most music does, but Fennec add this depth and fluid structure to Let Your Heart Break and Beloved in their own separate lengths. It’s like swimming in a pool, completely alone, allowing your thoughts and projections of whatever could come to fruition, bridging the gap of familiarity and deepening with introspection. Branded as “negative pop,” Fennec’s sense of the music is to let the music be the music (echoed in the anonymity), and it exceeds this simplicity that seems so bullshit in this day and age with powerful music that leaves nothing to be desired. You listen and it takes over. Screw the relation that music doesn’t do this very often anymore, it’s Fennec’s ability in affecting and becoming something entirely else. It breathes and lives. It shines in every light. It speaks.

It is the type of album that reflects upon the listener – that kind of album that people don’t talk about but know and cherish. Striking and powerful, Let Your Heart Break traipses through your head, touching every part of your brain. And, sure, Fennec on the surface sounds like a “body music” type, but as it plays out, Let Your Heart Break pops and claps into your soul. In electronic music that echoes mysticism, there are very, very few albums that present themselves as absolutely nothing, but widens in scope with every song and every listen. Let Your Heart Break opens and blooms into an incredible experience.

Beloved, the EP that followed five months later, streamlines the length of Let Your Heart Break into four longer tracks that continue Fennec’s brilliance. Maintaining the same strengths and soul, Beloved is a pure and welcome extension. Both show that Fennec has the potential to crank out great after great, and it’s widely plausible to expect it. In each release, there’s a thinly veiled but open and aware emotion. This emotion carries each release, pushing them higher and higher with each track. It’s this kind of music that affirms yourself with joy and wonder. It’s also the kind of music that won’t ever leave you. 9/10.

Stream both releases here.


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